Stepping into the world of foster care is a significant commitment. It involves a structured process that ensures the best outcomes for both the foster parents and the children in need. We demystify the steps involved, providing you with a clear roadmap to embarking on your fostering journey. Explore to understand the nuances and prepare yourself for this noble endeavor.

Understand the Process

It is often believed that the requirements to become a foster parent are stringent and selective. However, we at KidLink emphasize inclusivity and a wider understanding of what makes a nurturing home. We break down the criteria, highlighting the fact that many prospective foster parents are eligible. Delve in to understand the prerequisites and perhaps discover that you are indeed ready to become a foster parent.

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Fostering can sometimes lead to a beautiful, everlasting bond that results in adoption. We guide you through the transformative journey from fostering to adopting, emphasizing the joy and the responsibilities that come with it. Find out more about how you can provide a forever home to a child in need.

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Open your heart, and your home.

Become a KidLink foster parent and give a child the love, support and stability they deserve.